Nick Fory- Owner/Operator/ Level 1
Nick is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a degree in athletic training.  It was during college that Nick was first introduced to CrossFit.  After years of traditional lifting and chronic cardio he often found himself overtrained but still hitting frustrating plateaus.  On January 1st, 2010 Nick knew something needed to change.  He chose to focus his training solely on CrossFit methods.  In April 2010, in the best shape of his life, Nick competed in the CrossFit Sectional Competition placing high enough to go on to the Regional competition.  In 2011 Nick competed in the Reebok Open Sectional and scored well enough to place 4th in the Central East Region and 27th worldwide.  He advanced to the Reebok Central East Regional competition where he placed 5th.  After these strong performances Nick was contacted and sponsored by Reebok.
CrossFit had not only become his workout, but his lifestyle.  As his passion for this highly effective workout style has grown so has his desire to share it with others.  He is eager and enthusiastic to help others reach their potential at Mad City CrossFit.

Holly Fory- Owner/Operator/Level 2/CrossFit Kids/CF Sport/Eat To Perform
Holly is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer.  As a former elementary school teacher, she has a passion for teaching others and seeing that they reach success.  Holly has always been an active person, participating in sports on the high school and college levels.  Throughout her college years her fitness program consisted mostly of running, lifting weights strictly for toning and teaching kickboxing.  She was first introduced to CrossFit when her husband, Nick, became an "addict".  Seeing the great progress he made at a competetive level made her a true believer in what one can accomplish by following CrossFit.  The thing Holly loves most about CrossFit is the consistent improvement in all aspects of her fitness.  She is very eager to help others reach their fitness goals at Mad City Crossfit.

Jay Roney- Owner/Operator/Level 2/CFK/CF Football

Growing up Jay always loved sports and being outside. He played baseball, basketball, soccer, swam competitively; he enjoys camping, hiking, underwater cave diving and is also a certified SCUBA diving instructor. With all of these passions and hobbies Jay has always thought that fitness and being in shape was important. However, when Jay became a father being able to make time for fitness was difficult, and like many fathers and mothers something had to give. He found himself making poor diet choices and not making time for exercise, and when he did go to the gym it was the same boring routine. He’d walk around do some bench presses, then maybe some curls, followed by leg extensions. An hour later he would walk out thinking he at least did something. Then he was introduced to CrossFIt. He soon realized that he had been wasting time at the gym. Jay was able to complete a CrossFit workout in a fraction of the time, and at the end walk out not thinking but knowing he had accomplished something and it was time well spent. Jay loves CrossFit for many reasons just a few are: first the fact that his wife and three children all participate in CrossFit; secondly that every workout is scaleable to each persons individual abilities, and thirdly the community and culture that is CrossFit. He enjoys the fact that everybody at Mad City CrossFit knows each other, cheers each other on to finish and not to give up. He says "that camaraderie is just something you don’t find at other gyms, we have it here, and that's why this place is awesome!"

Amber Finnegan- CF Level 1
Amber joined Mad City CrossFit in 2012 and received her Level 1 in June 2016.  She is currently the Executive Director of Court Services for Jefferson County.  Amber loves being with her family and together they like listening to music, exercising, watching Netflix and playing with their dogs.  She enjoys being a part of the praise and worship team at her church and being outdoors walking her dogs, hiking or working in the yard.  After being an avid runner for many years, Amber was told about CrossFit and was hooked shortly after completing her foundations.  She was drawn to the ever changing workouts and the family atmosphere of the gym.  It has transformed her body and spirit into that of a strong , confident and joyful woman.  (Any maybe a little competitive).  She has seen hat same transformation in many others at the gym.  She loves seeing people progressing in their fitness levels, reaching their goals, and hitting personal records.  People outside her gym family tell her that her face lights up when she talks about CF.  It is a part of her and she couldn't imagine life without it.  

David Vinup- CF Level 2
David was an active athlete at Lawrenceburg High School in football, basketball and track.  After graduating high school he joined the US Navy at a lean 155lbs.  Workout and fitness was a regiment in his military days, but fast forward 8 years, he was married, father of two and ballooned up to 250lbs. After 9/11, David knew he had more to give than being a regular Electronics Technician in the Navy and began training for the special forces.  Knowing the struggles to lose weight, David quickly became a fitness enthusiast and became a personal and group trainer.  Fitness took over a primary role in his life and he was accepted in 2002.  David first found CrossFit while in the Navy with the SEALS during an Iraq deployment in 2007.  It became one of the primary workout regiments for his unit.  He fell in the love with the mindset and constantly varied workouts and quickly decided to become a CF coach.  While on active duty he was a CF coach in Virginia Beach and started a military affiliate in Salerno, Afghanistan.  When David retired from the military in 2013 he moved back near his hometown and became a regular 0615 athlete at Mad City.  He became a coach at MCCF in 2016 and if he's not coaching the early classes, he will be seen working out in the early classes and on Saturday mornings.  

Rebecca Moll- CF Level 1
Rebecca is currently an undergrad student at Western Kentucky University pursuing a degree in Exercise Science, Pre-Physical Therapy.  While on break she works as a Physical Therapy Technician at an outpatient clinic in Louisville.  Although Rebecca has always been athletic and enjoyed a variety of sports in elementary and middle school, she wasn't crazy about the idea of CrossFit when her mom "dragged" her to MCCF in January 2013.  She quickly grew to love the atmosphere and community and completed her Level 1 in June of 2015.  Rebecca loves coaching because of the relationships built with members and getting to see them break mental boundaries, and has recently started coaching at a box local to WKU while at school.  Rebecca believes that CF has taught (and continues to teach) her many things including mental toughness, strong character, perseverance, humility and courage.  These factors have trickled over into every area of her life, especially in school.  In her free time Rebecca enjoys hanging out with family and friends, playing the piano, traveling, and leading worship at the Christian Student Fellowship at WKU.

Erica Cloyd- CF Level 1
Erica has been doing CrossFit since November 2013.  She is the chief technologist in the medical imaging department at King's Daughters' Health, but in her spare time she loves spending time with her husband and son.  She has always been active in sports or running since she was four years old.  In college she started to run long distance and completed her first half marathon.  Something was missing though and it wasn't until CrossFit that she found what she was after.  After her first workout at Mad City, she was hooked.  She loves being able to challenge herself and also learn new ways to help herself become stronger and healthier.  The sense of community that is in a CF box is something she has never experienced at any other workout facility.  Working in the health care field, she has always had a passion for helping others and coaching allows her to do that as well.  Seeing a client accomplish something they didn't think their body was capable of never gets old!  CF has changed her life in ways that she could have never imagined!