Nick Fory (Owner/Operator)/ Level 1
Nick is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a degree in athletic training.  It was during college that Nick was first introduced to CrossFit.  After years of traditional lifting and chronic cardio he often found himself overtrained but still hitting frustrating plateaus.  On January 1st, 2010 Nick knew something needed to change.  He chose to focus his training solely on CrossFit methods.  In April 2010, in the best shape of his life, Nick competed in the CrossFit Sectional Competition placing high enough to go on to the Regional competition.  In 2011 Nick competed in the Reebok Open Sectional and scored well enough to place 4th in the Central East Region and 27th worldwide.  He advanced to the Reebok Central East Regional competition where he placed 5th.  After these strong performances Nick was contacted and sponsored by Reebok.
CrossFit had not only become his workout, but his lifestyle.  As his passion for this highly effective workout style has grown so has his desire to share it with others.  He is eager and enthusiastic to help others reach their potential at Mad City CrossFit.

Holly Fory Owner/Operator/Level 1/CFK
Holly is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.  As a former elementary school teacher, she has a passion for teaching others and seeing that they reach success.  Holly has always been an active person, participating in sports on the high school and college levels.  Throughout her college years her fitness program consisted mostly of running, lifting weights strictly for toning and teaching kickboxing.  She was first introduced to CrossFit when her husband, Nick, became an "addict".  Seeing the great progress he made at a competetive level made her a true believer in what one can accomplish by following CrossFit.  The thing Holly loves most about CrossFit is the consistent improvement in all aspects of her fitness.  She is very eager to help others reach their fitness goals at Mad City Crossfit.

James Hall Level 1/CrossFit Endurance

James, started out as a runner in high school, and continues to be involved with running to this day. He has made it a personal goal to run one marathon a year until he is no longer capable. James has turned to CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance to help him with his personal and professional goals. He has seen huge improvements in his physical performance as well as his body. CrossFit has not only helped him in this area, but his wife Allison also participates in CrossFit and he has found that it is good with his personal relationship as well. James works with members from the DOD, and loves teaching CrossFit and seeing the excitement in people when they achieve their personal goals. He is also an assistant coach with the local high school boys and girls track team. James has seen great improvement in team morale and personal gratification from the small amount of CrossFit he has shared with his team. James hopes to bring all of his passion and experience to our clients at Mad City CrossFit. 

Jay Roney Owner/Operator/CFK

Growing up Jay always loved sports and being outside. He played baseball, basketball, soccer, swam competitively; he enjoys camping, hiking, underwater cave diving and is also a certified SCUBA diving instructor. With all of these passions and hobbies Jay has always thought that fitness and being in shape was important. However, when Jay became a father being able to make time for fitness was difficult, and like many fathers and mothers something had to give. He found himself making poor diet choices and not making time for exercise, and when he did go to the gym it was the same boring routine. He’d walk around do some bench presses, then maybe some curls, followed by leg extensions. An hour later he would walk out thinking he at least did something. Then he was introduced to CrossFIt. He soon realized that he had been wasting time at the gym. Jay was able to complete a CrossFit workout in a fraction of the time, and at the end walk out not thinking but knowing he had accomplished something and it was time well spent. Jay loves CrossFit for many reasons just a few are: first the fact that his wife and three children all participate in CrossFit; secondly that every workout is scaleable to each persons individual abilities, and thirdly the community and culture that is CrossFit. He enjoys the fact that everybody at Mad City CrossFit knows each other, cheers each other on to finish and not to give up. He says "that camaraderie is just something you don’t find at other gyms, we have it here, and that's why this place is awesome!"

Mike Bowen/Level 1
Mike started out as an athlete in all levels of grade school and high school participating in football, wrestling, track, baseball and cross country. After school Mike continued being active by running, soccer and being an avid bicyclist at both criterion and velodrome racing. Having retired after 38 years working for the United States Postal Service Mike was overweight and was seeking to get back into shape. Mike was 50lbs overweight and had a body fat of 38%. Mike started bicycling again and as winter came he decided he would give CrossFit a try for the winter. Mike fell in love with CrossFit and wished he had found this activity much earlier in his life. He fell in love with the MadCity Box and all the support everyone shared amongst the Box.  He lost 45lbs and reduced his body fat to 17% and sees improvement in his body every day. Mike no longer takes high blood pressure or cholesterol medication. Mike was so impressed with CrossFit that he set out to obtain his L1 Coach certification so he would be qualified to bring more of the senior community to CrossFit. He hopes to help coach at all levels and motivate seniors particularly, he himself being 60 years, to benefit from the lifestyle that CrossFit helps to promote.  Mike hopes to participate at the Masters levels in all types of competitions including CrossFit. Mike is committed to the lifestyle as it is one that has made him better in all areas of his life. Mike becomes most excited when he sees someone make the commitment to change and helps them to reach all goals they set for themselves.  Mike hopes to bring his passion and dedication to the clients of the MadCity Crossfit community.
 Andreas Peter/Level 1

For as long as he can remember, Andreas has shared a passion for sports and exercise of all kinds, which led him to pursue an education in Exercise Science.  Throughout college, he always showed great interest in guiding friends, fellow students and others onto the path of being physically active and following a healthy nutrition plan.  After many years of traditional strength training, there was a growing lack of motivation to make it through the same boring routines at the gym. When Andreas came across the CrossFit philosophy of training, he decided to give it a try and immediately recognized how beneficial CrossFit was to so many different aspects of his life, and has since never lacked motivation to come to the gym.  This, among other reasons, convinced him to get his certification and become one of our coaches!